The familiar form of the Chinese Moon Gate captures within its circular frame a lush urban landscape and the commotion of community.


A staple of Chinese architecture, the Moon Gate serves as both a gateway and a window. The Chinatown Gateway scales the traditional passage for a single visitor up to a gateway for an entire neighborhood.


Situated on Canal Street Triangle in Manhattan’s Chinatown, the Chinatown Gateway greets visitors with a unique circular form - the universal symbol of inclusion and harmony.


Nestled within the Gateway is public seating for forty visitors, a performance space, and an urban garden with five gingko trees.


Balancing respect for Chinese design heritage and serving an expanded role as a marker for Lower Manhattan, the new Chinatown Gateway captures the ever-changing streetscapes within its portal.


Standing 45’ tall, the circular archway transforms the traditional paifangs (or gateways) that greet visitors to Chinatowns around the world into a unique form - the universal symbol of inclusion and harmony.