Give me a minute, please! offers a place of respite and relaxation along the Chicago Riverwalk.


Searching for a design that could reuse the artwork’s structure to create a new type of space along the Riverwalk, the pyramid offered material and structural efficiency as well as an iconic form with a generous roof.


We approached the existing largest structure at the site of artist Robert Burnier’s 2018 series Black Tiberinus as a found object, with the ambition to extend the use of the existing artwork.


The pyramidal form gives even greater height to the structure that was already visible from Upper Wacker Drive. The structure’s presence encourages curiosity.


The eight surrounding spatial artifacts lend unique atmospheres underneath the monolithic structure - allowing for individuals to find a momentary space all their own.


The height of the pyramid's canopy emphasizes a horizontal view of the surrounding riverscape - encouraging reflection and pause to take in curated views of the river.


From a distance, the pyramid expresses its singularity. However, upon visitors approach, the objects within begin to provide an intimate and human scale.


Each of the spaces within the 9-square grid holds a unique atmosphere where visitors can pause to relax and find their own space to take a minute.


Relative to the city, the large pyramidal form commands its presence by distinguishing itself from its context. Acting like a big umbrella, the pyramid houses various objects underneath its cover.