Block Sauna 143 is a neighborhood sauna that invites patrons in from the sidewalk, into its half-underground, half-above-ground sauna sequence.


The sauna is submerges into the ground, from grade all the way to 6 feet below grade, to give privacy and enclosure to each different room within the sauna sequence.


As visitors walk down the entrance ramp, the building appears extremely transparent with its continuous perimeter clerestory windows, yet the surrounding walls become deeper and deeper, lending privacy to the activities within.


At the lowest point of the sauna, the height and thickness of the concrete walls provide total privacy, yet allow the interior to receive ample daylight.


At the deepest level of the building are the showers and sauna - the most intimate spaces. Here, the clerestory window continues to bring light and view of the surrounding landscape, while the depth of the walls lend privacy to the space.


Finally, upon reaching the sauna, the thickness of the walls and depth of the slab creates both a private and enclosed experience, yet brings in ample daylighting and connection to nature.


Surrounding the inner courtyard are a set of ramps that connect the various sauna programs.


Off of the neighborhood sidewalk, a ramp slopes downward to bring sauna-goers deeper into the submerged building, creating more and more privacy.


The sauna deck houses the summer lounge, storage space, chimneys, and skylight boxes for the spaces below. The objects curate intimate yet open spaces for the sun bather.